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About us
"DonCotton" - is a high quality clothing for branding.

We produce sweatshirts and T-shirts, sell and deliver throughout Russia. We want the process of ordering branded clothing to be as easy as online shopping.

Nobody needs clothes with a minimum lot of 30pcs. and a huge purchase price, where it's almost impossible to guess the quality and sizes. Quality clothing and affordable cost exists.

We understand the choice of fabric, the production of clothing and its branding. This combination gives us an advantage in the market:

  • We check the fabric, seams and clasps, therefore we guarantee quality.
  • 5 T-shirts or 15 thousand - it does not matter, we will fulfill any order on time.
  • Free delivery in Kazan over 10 000₽, free delivery within Russia over 50 000₽
  • Our own warehouse enables us to choose any color and size, regardless of the number and volume of the order.

Become a partner

Advertising agencies, clothing stores and other companies can become our partners, because we give special conditions and discounts.

If you want to become our partner, write to or call +7 (967) 364 24 73

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